What We Buy

Why Use Handi Wrap?
  • Economical alternative to packaging, rope, band or twine
  • Self adhesive
  • No sticky residue left on surface
  • 150 meters of files, stretchable to over 300 meters in use
  • Easy film dispensing
  • Adjustable tension
  • Protects against dust, moisture and scratches
  • Quick and easy to use
Why Use Hand Applied Stretch Film?
  • Excellent load retention properties
  • High strength products require less film stretching
  • Elastic properties keep film tight if load settles
  • Reduced film neckdown (width reduction) during tensioning
  • Lighter gauges and roll weights mean less operator fatigus
  • Elevated tear and puncture strength
  • Exceleent film dartty for best product visibility and reading bar codes
  • Significant cost savings advantages over conventional, heavier gauge films
Why Use Machine Stretch Film?
  • Multilayer cast film
  • Exceptionl load retention properties
  • Exceptional puncture and tear resistance
  • Works well on stretch equipment with speeds to 30 RPM
  • True one-side cling prevents adjacent loads from sticking together
  • High load retention properties
  • Wide variety of nrms width, gauge, and roll lengths available
  • Crystal clear formulation applies silently
Why Use Color Stretch Film
  • Use tinted pallet wrap to mark shipments in or out by priority or production schedule.
  • Tinted films allow you to see what is on the pallet.
  • Several wraps around the pallet the will help conceal your product.
    The more layers around the pallet the more concealed your product becomes.
  • Color tinted stretch wrap films are available in Green, Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow
  • Protect your shipments from prying eyes and detect theft.
  • Black and white opaque film covers your product.
  • Machine grade white and black opaque film also available